Yes it would be scaled down!!!!!!!! Very good!!!!!!

And it would work!!!!!!!!

If you get on their site and click on the message board then hit (I think exercises or WOD) highlighted on the top will say body weight WOD or work outs of the day. This is body weight exercises using pushups, pullups, dips (chair), body squats, lunges, burpees, jumps, jump rope, sit ups and back extensions.

The whole idea of the crossfit is to never do the same workout with in an 18 day period. It doesn't let your body adapt.

Ex: if you did 15 pushups today then tomorrow and on and on, you would find that eventually you could do 100 in a row with no problem, but your body would adapt and it would be "easy" for your body to do those 15 pushups say 1 year from now.

A typical body weight day:
5 rounds for time of:
25 squats
15 pushups
20 sit ups
20 back extentions

You do this without rest- just keep going as fast as poss from the squats all the way to back ext. then start another round. Doing this with rest would be easy, but for time it kills.

The next day will be:
3 rounds of:
20 pull ups
100 jump ropes
10 lunges each leg

Now if you can't do a pull up, you put a chair under it and jump so your chin goes over it, then lower slowly. After doing this for awhile you'll be able to do pull ups!

I have my sister doing these body weight wod (apparently she's gained a lot) and I'm training my nephew to run faster.