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I am very very opposed to artificial sweeteners. Yes, I consider the things I make with Real Sugar and Real Butter to be way healthier than less-sweetened, low-fat cookies, and the sugar-free yogurt the in-laws buy. It takes less to fill you up, too.

Fortunately H feels the same way I do about Real Sugar and Real Butter (and Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Can't forget the EVOO!) - except the amounts. He uses way less. but weighs more. wink

I'm using agave nectar, and vegan 'butter'. Both natural plant-based foods. Interesting side convo re the Bible: this is my third week of vegan eating, and our pastor read something from Genesis where God said that he gave Adam and Eve all of the plants that bear seed and all of the fruits that bear seed for them to eat. I commented that God meant for us to be vegan. smile H said that he gave us animals to eat, too, so we looked it up and God (finally) gave us animals as food at the time of the flood. I just thought that was interesting.

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