Another way to do pullups:

Take two folding chairs. Position them about 18" apart. Put a dowel over the chair part. (you need someone to hold the dowel now). Having someone hold the ends of dowel secure, lay on your back, grip the bar in pull-up postion and lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor and your chin over the bar.

It sounds easy but it's very difficult.

Themud: Sometimes I wonder about just ditching the gym. I don't have a home gym but see example above..between all the home-made examples (hurdles, ladders, chairs, dowels, etc.,), I can fashion a pretty good "bowflex"! But I love to spin...I ride my bike outside in the good weather but I love not wearing a helmet and having my bike workout set to music occasionally too...why I love to spin. I enjoy the pool (don't have one of those at home..). And I really like Pilates classes. The 'mat' style Pilates...I know enough to do at home. But my gym has all the big equipment too.

So if I gave up the gym, I'd have to find another place to do those things when the urge hit.