I we were getting along well. With positive love bank balances. I would feel loved by receiving that message. But in my current state of withdrawal. I feel nothing. Except a vague sense of regret that I don't feel anything positive. I feel so lonely. Which is all in my head. But not lonely enough to change my behavior.

Hold...I think if you were in a true state of withdrawal, you might not even feel the regret. How much exclusive time do you spend with your wife - like maybe taking a walk and talking or sitting somewhere quiet with very little other distractions? Can you see yourself just doing this to do it and removing any pressure off yourself to feel anything? Stop analyzing how you feel? Just to see what happens after several attempts?


"Stop yappin and make it happen."
"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

Me 47
DH 46
Together for 28 years.
Married 21 years.