Being in Plan A with my H myself I have been reading this thread with interest. I have 2 thoughts to contribute.

First, I'm hearing a lot of quite bitter resentment over not getting SF. I'm wondering if the MB program fosters a sense of 'entitlement' to SF. But then again that is not what I understand by the MB approach to SF - Husbands are NOT entitled to SF. It's more that SF will naturally 'happen' if the wife's emotional needs are being met and there are no lovebusters.

Second. I thought Plan A was meant to mean a complete erradication of love busters. I would have thought that a HUGE lovebuster would be conveying (even with body language and behavior not just words) an attitude of resentment and anger when SF didn't happen. Kind of like a 'body language' AO. So I'm thinking if I was male and trying plan A I would spend 1-3 months of falling over myself to not convey any sense of anger and instead be the epitome of reassurance when there is no SF. i.e. ZERO expectations of SF. (what DR. Harley calls being an angel) - No resentment.
It's essential IMHO that the wife has a good long period of time feeling and truly believing that there is absolutely no pressure and no expectation of SF. After THAT then if there is still no SF even though this and all other LB's have been erradicated and EN's are being met. Then and only then can you say hand on heart - maybe this will never work.

Just my 2 cents. Sorry if any of this is off the mark I'm still trying to understand ramifications of plan A myself.

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