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No one is entitled to have their EN's met... whether SF or anything else.

Interesting that you should post this today.

On the way out of the house today, I told Mrs. Hold "have a nice day" (as I do pretty much every day if she is home and awake when I leave). Today she was standing near the door, so she took a step toward me and leaned in for a kiss. I aimed for her cheek but she turned her head and gave me a quick peck on the lips. She seemed quite pleased with herself and said "after all, I am not a friend".

As I have said before, in other circumstaces, I might have felt pleased with her behavior. As it is, I was angry. In my mind, she was basically saying "I am your wife, and I am entitled to a kiss on the lips." My mind was screaming "no, at this point you are not entitled to ANYTHING on account of being my wife!"

She has made it clear that I am not entitled to anything on acocunt of being her husband. Which, as Telly says, is the correct position to take. But it is a 2-way street. Just as I am not entitled to sex just because I am her husband, she is not entitled to kisses on the lips just because she is my wife. She wants to be reassured that she retains the status of wife, and what she sees as the entitlements of that position. But as Telly says, there are no entitlements. Hypocritical. Makes my blood boil.

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