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The problem is that if a spouse is sexually averse, then there is no arrangement they can feel enthusiastic about, and the need for SF is not met in any way.

But how would one differentiate between a general 'sexual aversion' that has nothing to do with the H's behavior and a 'sexual aversion' that is a reaction to the H's behavior? It seems that the best shot at getting at the truth is to be a selfless 'Angel' for 3 months and THEN there's at least a fighting chance of seeing what the true problem is. Then and only then has any partner earned the right to declare a possible general 'sexual aversion' (that is completely independent of ANY partner's behavior) as the cause of the SF problems - that's the way I see it anyway.

But then if 'resentment' is an LB for the 'resented' partner it strikes me as enormously difficult to erradicate. I personally don't think it's something that can be 'faked'. The 'resented' partner will still feel it IMO - and therefore still be lovebusted by it. The way I see it, the only way to achive true erradication of the 'resentment' lovebuster is for the Plan A partner to actually and truly not feel resentful. Now that's got to be a hard thing to achieve and I wonder if anyone ever has. It's a classic catch 22.