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Hold, you say that you don't want to divorce because of what it will do to you to be separated from your kids.

Correct. Notice that I say "to be with my kids". Not for them. For me. It may be good for them. Or not. No way to know. All the studies say it can cut either way and no way to predict which way any kid will fall.

Do you worry you are teaching your son how to duplicate what you have achieved (or failed to achieve) in life?

Yes, we discuss this all the time. If I thought I would set a better example apart, I would leave. I think I would set an even worse example apart. I will not find another relationship, be happy, and flourish. I will sit in a dinky apartment throwing a permanent pity party. Being with my kids helps me be a better me than I would be divorced. Which is a pretty darn sad statement.

Do you worry that your daughter might be learning poor communication habits and transfer that over to her choice of a husband?

No idea. My D is a very chatty person. She is also into hugs and physical affection. We have discussed not marrying a "not into huggies" person.

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