Not for Plan A, B, S or D...not for saving your marriage...not for any reason but freedom for you...

would you please act from honesty in response to your W?

On the kiss on lips...where you assumed entitlement..."I hear you feel entitled because you're my wife, not a friend." Not even the "did I hear that right?" at the end...just honest.

Same with her statement about not all men...just you. "I hear disdain in your voice and in your words for me. That I don't measure up to other men you're comparing me to."

You're hearing...doesn't mean she's saying. Both have many ways to infer...and you pick one...the one that hurts worse...and you'd be surprised, after the self-stab...that even if she responds with "Yes, I meant to show my contempt"...doesn't hurt twice...

because you protect by picking the worst without honest confirmation or clarification. If it really hurt worse for your worst inference confirmed, you'd be doing that every time...to deepen the pain, solidify the resentment...prove yourself truly right.

And you don't.

So do. And you did a short while back...without your eye on her response...do it now, with your curious nature, your intrigued self...

for wishing you didn't have that constant rejection experience isn't the same as seeing you as inferior for it.


(I cannot imagine your W has the acuity to shred you as you do in your own mind...you service your thirst for rejection non-stop, IMO. Like you're following The Rule of Rejection instead of Protection.)