This morning Mrs. Hold was very upset. S15 lost his basketball uniform and will be benched today. She has lots of work for D12's swim team. The dryer broke. She felt bad physically and couldn't decide whether to go to the gym. I gave her a hug. I got an erection holding her. She asked what she should do. I told her "take your husband to the bedroom and take advantage of circumstances". So I broke my "rule" not to initiate.

She consented. We tried something different than SOSO. It worked out OK.

Afterward I asked her "so is it more like the sex distracts you from worrying about the broken dryer or does the broken dryer distract you from the sex?" She said "that is a trick question I can't win by answering". I replied "not what I meant. I know your mind was elsewhere, but you consented anyway. Thank you for making such a loving and generous and caring gesture."

When you can see it coming, duck!