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With all due respect, you are truly nuts. Are you aware that this is the one and only life you will ever have?

I know I am nuts. I keep telling people here I need ECT because I am totally nuts. They keep telling me I don't need ECT because I am not nuts enough. So who is really nuts?!?!

Jayne, you are correct. I do not want to go back to constantly complaining. That drove me even more nuts.

IMA, I feel yur pain. We get along great as long as I don't complain. Then I remind her my concerns have not been addressed and she says something like "Why are you complaining? I thought we were getting along well." Sheesh!
ZZZackly how I feel.
When people ask why I stay, my answer is simple: I love my children and life isn't just about me. Before I had kids, it was ok to drink to excess, jump out of airplanes, do other daredevil stuff, but now that I have kids, I must put them first.
Before me.
Before H.
Because they didn't ask for this. And I sure as heck don't want to lose half of my time with them. Trulyhappy says this is nutz. Well, I've seen what happens in many divorces, and it ain't pretty. An endless parade of skanks and sketchy guys around my kids? Huh-uh. I'll continue to suffer for at least another 8-9 years, because I'm not selfish enough to put my kids through that.

Don't you think that the children notice miserable parents? I remember telling my Mom and Dad when I was 12 that I wished they'd get divorced, because I really wanted to see them happy. When they finally did separate, we ALL sighed in relief. Mom was now happy and our time with Mom was much happier, and Dad was much happier, and our time together was quality as well. Much better than watching a miserable mother and father pretend to go through the motions for the "sake of the children".

I'm jumping in on a thread that has been existing for a long time - so I will just go on back to lurking on this thread.

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