THB-you're correct, these things have been covered elsewhere, and the discussion about whether to "stay for the children" is as old as divorce.
If you came from a home where your parents "happily" divorced, then great. You're one of the lucky ones.
Most of the divorced couples I know:
1. Deal with a disgusting potential step-parent, or parade of new mommies or daddies before one finally takes.
2. Have the frustration of missing half of their children's milestones. You can't both be there for Christmas, for the dance recital, etc. So you get HALF.
3. Have kids that, whether deservedly or not, blame all their troubles on the divorce, especially in the teen years.
So it comes down to your personal experience, IMO. My personal experience says that I better stick this out, for their sake. When they're old enough, you can be darn sure I'm letting them know that my love for them was so great that I did this.
I don't need the "I just wish you and daddy had divorced" talk from my kids. My H has already shown a weakness for very young women, and I really don't want a near-teen raising my teen. Thank you very much.

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