UPDATE we seem to be doing a little betterin many ways. I know that she has read some material from here . She has also filled out some of the questioneers lately. We havent set down to go over them as of yet but said that we need to do it soon.she is back to school and got a B last semester in her nursing program. A very very tough course, you have to have at least a 80% to pass with a C. I keep telling her I am so proud of her for trying so hard in school. It takes many hours a night to study and many times she does nt get to spend any time with the kids. She will stop her studies to give our little one a bath and to make or eat supper with them so thats at least sometime with them. She has shown some interest in a couple of hobbies and we get to spend some time there together. She also has been working on some of her problems and I think with some of her education sees some ways to help herself. She has admitted to having problems with alcohol and doing some things to help herself with that. sometimes it feels good to be able to right things down and to be able to read it verses just thinking it! thanks