Good morning Hold:

I'm not going to argue with you about marriagebuilding techniques and applying them, or resentment and its issues or any of that. I understand you are making the choices you are making, though it makes me sad and leaves me to wonder if there are areas of your life where you are getting enjoyment to help counter the misery of your marriage?

But FWIW, I absolutely *hate* being pushed along by my husband, my kids or anyone. I'm barely 5'2", have hovered near 110-115lbs most of my life and I just don't take up a lot of space in this world. It's very upsetting to be moved around like a china doll and I have been known to snap, even when it's inadvertent. I'm not justifying Mrs. Hold's actions--she certainly could have communicated her dislike of that action wtihout snapping...I'm just passing along a female perspective.