HOLD, there is no way you can properly deal with a RUDE, MEAN, SELFISH, DYSFUNCTIONAL, STUBBORN woman.


You have the disadvantage of TRYING to deal with her all these years and it has warped you so you are not looking at her with fresh eyes and cannot try new behaviors.

If you were to look at Mrs HOLD with fresh eyes, literally you would go blind. If you are to try and deal with her with new creative ideas, you would be banging your head against a large brick wall.

This woman you married is terribly RUDE, HURTFUL, and does not care about you or your feelings. No decent woman says "I will throw up" in the bedroom to tell you she does not want sex.

No decent woman says "Dont PUSH ME, I HATE THAT!" in public which is meant to DEEPLY HURT YOU, humiliate and control you.

Your wife is even more heinous now....than I remember her to be.

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