Yes HOLD, you do lie alot to yourself. You LIE about being able to CHANGE THE MRS into a nice, normal, non shrewlike polite, kind, caring, non hurtful woman.

Here is what you need in a wife that MRS HOLD can never be nor does she ever want to be.

1. Loves lovemaking
2. Expressive in bed
3. Assertive in bed to get what she wants
4. Kind every day
5. Does not hurt feelings of those around her
6. Is not a shrew and expresses herself with class
7. Likes to make you happy
8. Likes to cook
9. Unselfish
10. Saves money
11. Works full time and saves her money
12. Does physical work around the house
13. Does not want a housekeeper, cleans her own home
14. Looks for ways to invest for the family
15. Studies to find a way for HOLD to retire early
16. Makes her home like a quiet pleasant haven
17. Is so nice that HOLD looks forward to coming home
18. Hold loves to be with her since she is so good to him.
19. Is a giver.
20. Loves and respects HOLD and is happy he is her husband.
21. Shows love and respect for HOLD in public and private.
22. Is polite and not shrill

Right now, your wife reminds me of that shrill actress on "Curb Your enthusiasm" you know, JEFF'S wife who yells at him constantly....with the black hair. Except worse. At least that woman does some of her own housework.