Melody, you are right about pushing her, but as of last night, I think we are headed towards another funeral. Even weeks later, unless she is back to her cheerful self, my bringing up MB will sound like, "the unhappy spouse WANTS something". Instead, I am going to talk to one of her good friends, who is a pastor, and a female, and very good at approaching people in the right manner. Anything she says will be received more objectively.

On a side note: Mark1952's program at church got me thinking how I could get some things like that, and unemployment issues, going at our church. I just bought all the MB books for the church library. I was looking at the DVD set. If the books get checked out, I think I will donate the DVD course and free couples' ticket to MB Weekend, and let our pastors use it at their discretion. That should have to get the pastors' attention and make the take a look at MB.