Just for the record, Retread, I called Steve on my own twice. I called him last March and again in November. His advice was the same both times (with regard to my husband): "let's talk about how we're going to get him here".

But in the meantime, there was LOTS Steve was able to accomplish with me and SO much I got out of my 2 hours (more like 3+hours...he so often goes over), that it was well worth it.

It was Steve helping me and the posters here who eventually opened my eyes to the fact that I had to make a stand. I was unhappy and like ML, I did NOT want to stay in the marriage I had. I kept that message short and simple to my husband. I even had it as my sig line for a while.

Bummer though..we had to cancel w/ him today. He was running over almost 45 min. And today our schools scheduled early release for the impending snowstorm (have not yet seen ONE snowflake...). So the kids will be home within a half hour and for our setup here at home, it's just not conducive to talking with Steve. Plus H is uncomfortable with it and it would be un-MB-like of me to push it.