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Why don't you print up this page... Page 52, with the 3-4 posts from you, and hand it to your wife.

Because she might choose to leave me.

She needs to know how much pain you are in.

No, she would just withdraw. And lose respect for me. I know, DJ to think I can predict how she would react. But we spent 8 years in MC. I opened my heart to her. Told her how much I needed her. And she told me to go fly. I am not opening myself up to that kind of rejection again.

I will tell her in 5 years. I just have to be strong and endure for 5 years. Then I can tell her everything. And if she chooss to leave, good riddance! I have lived with depression for over 30 years (if not my whole life). I can make 5 more no matter how bad they are. I am strong!

When you can see it coming, duck!