She got me a big jug of Passover wine. It took me 6+ months to finish off the last one. It is super sweet so I like to mix it with tonic water or club soda and make a spritzer.

D13 was especially pleased that we made a big deal of valentine's since she went shopping with her own money and got S15 and I gifts. Candy with nuts - despite her nut allegy. She wanted to show us she loves us enough to let us eat nuts in the house.

Mrs. Hold was very pleased that S15 and I went to such effort. He and I am a buddy of his had dinner at the mall Saturday and then bought D13 a cute t-shirt. The boys picked it out and D13 was thrilled that her brother was willing to walk into a "girly store" to get her something.

Mrs. Hold and I had a very relaxed and (for us) lengthy sex session Monday morning. We are both learning to deal with my far less responsive getting old body. I did not orgasm but I enjoyed the session. This morning on the way to work I explained to Mrs. Hold (snow here and my car could not get out of the driveway so she had to drive me in her SUV) that some of the techniques she learned when having sex with younger men don't work on this old dog. So we are both going to have to learn what works and what doesn't.

Best wishes to all for a fulfilling week.

When you can see it coming, duck!