We are so blessed with both our kids. That is why I want to continue living with them. Can you believe that I got S15 to go into Delia and buy a t-shirt for his little sister?!?! They had a wall of t-shirts. At least 50 styles. He knew immediately which one she would like. I would have had no clue how to choose.

Mrs. Hold was also very appreciative when she got home. Half a dozen Moms made the trip to the swim tournament to chaperone. Several of them did nothing for Valentine's. Several of them did not speak to their husbands the entire weekend. Mrs. Hold was shocked. She said she could not imagine being in that kind of marriage. I don't think she realizes how close she has come to that.

She made a silly "kissy face" in my direction last might and again this morning. She used to chastise me for making silly "goo-goo eyes" faces. I have to fight against the desire to have hope.

When you can see it coming, duck!