We offered to let one of S15's friends stay over a couple of nights while his parents go visit their daughter at college. They were going to ask several families to help out since they would be away a while. In the end, no one else offered and we got all 5 nights. Mrs. Hold had been planning to run some errands with S15 this week because it is vacation so she has him home during the day. Yesterday she said she would put the errands off because she didn't want to drag the friend around running errands. I told her that we are housing and feeding someone else's teenage son for 5 days. We have already gone above and beyond. So if it is more convenient for her to run the errands today, she should go and drag the friend and not tolerate any complaints he is bored. Imagine how bored he would be if his parents dragged him to visit his sister for 5 days!

Mrs. Hold still feels guilty. Am I being too harsh?

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