She never went shopping. She did not want to drag the other kid.

She hasn't given me the card back yet. S15 hurt his ankle at the BB game Friday so he can't try on flippers. Maybe this coming weekend. Guess I should ask Mrs. Hold for the card back so she doesn't get tempted to use it between now and then.

As for me and Mrs. Hold, not sure what we are. Too foolish to stand up for ourselves? How come we were willing to take 5 nights and no other parents were even willing to take 1 night? Hmmmm, or maybe the kid wanted all 5 nights with us? Maybe he figured the family with the Dad who plays video games was the best choice for "hotel"? Hmmmm. Didn't think of that before. In fact, one of the other kids whose family was asked to "host" visiting kid stayed with us Friday night and his parents had to drag him home late Saturday because he was having so much fun playing with S15 and our "adopted" son. And you should have seen the enormous pile of chocolate chip pancakes that D13 made for S15 and his friends Saturday morning. Maybe the kids know we are the best place to crash! Even if we don't have a 4th bedroom and the friends had to crash on double stacked air mattresses in the living room.

When you can see it coming, duck!