Mrs. Hold did post here briefly years ago. She did not like the reception, and left soon after.

As for your husband, every person is different. Some react to stress by wanting less sex. Some want more. Some eat more. Some eat less. Some people throw themselves into feverish activity to distract themselves from the stress. Some curl into a ball and withdraw from life.

If your H generally uses sex to cope with high stress, he might want less sex when he is relaxed. Or perhaps the ED bothers him more than you imagine. So when he is alone with you on vacation, and knows you expect (wish?) sex to happen, the anxiety makes it even more difficult for him to perform. Would he tell you if you asked?

Spouses are sooooo......sooooo......frustrating sometimes. Not that I would ever be frustrating to my spouse. grin

Maybe just maybe some day things will turn around for you. I'm not losing hope for you and your wife.

Thanks for the thought on my h. This actually is kind of unusual for him to go this long without initiating. prior to this his need had increased a bit and it was nice. Then all of us sudden it stopped and I don't think we have ever gone this long for no reason.

We have talked about the ED and like I said it occurs more when I initiate. Which just kills me cause it took me a long time to find my sexuality. So I try not to initiate it. He usually has no issues when he initiates.

I could ask again however I think I will get the IDK statement that he usually makes when we discuss us. Also I have kind of taken a hiatus of sorts on pulling our marriage.