You CAN handle this.

I've been reading stuff by Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer) and watching his show, because we were thinking of getting a dog.

The thing I took away with me, that has nothing to do with dogs, is important my energy is. I have the power to live in calm, peaceful, assertive state of mind. And I have the power to live in a meek, nervous, unsettled, unsteady state of mind.

I get to choose.

Lately, I'm choosing Calm Assertive. Because I can. ANd that's who I want to be--and who I can be.

Hold, you are fully capable of demonstrating that the error was not yours. You may have to do some work in order to accomplish that goal, but you can do it, and you will.

The power of positive thinking may sound trite, but if it's something you choose to accept at the deepest core of who you are, then it's powerful and real.

Me 42
H 46
Married 12 years
Two children D9 and D4 !