I've been trying to avoid MB lately, but for you, hold, I'll log on!

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Mrs. Hold may be enticing me out of withdrawal. She has been exceedingly pleasant the past few months. Even without access to a credit card. Hmmmm.

I had a feeling this was starting to happen! I think you planted a seed back when you shared with her how you were feeling about your M. I bet she's taking inventory, and is realizing that she's reached her overdraft limit with you. I bet she's realizing that life with you is better than life without you, after all.

I'm sorry to hear that you have probs at work now though. But like someone said, often when one area of your life starts to get a little better, it makes room for you to start worrying about other areas.

Yes, you CAN handle this most recent problem. I'm sure you've handled worse. Hopefully it isn't anything catastrophic, but even if the worst happened (getting fired?) I'm sure you could handle that as well.

At least you have your health and your kids, right?

Ok, so if being Eeyore feels comfortable and safe, how about getting into the habit of grousing about something more innocuous (would that make it "ocuous"?) like the yanks falling to the canucks? Or being outbid on ebay? Or maybe how you were passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize *again*?

smile You *can* handle this!

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