The wierd thing to me, given how bad I have been at accepting compliments, is the change I have noticed in her. She accepts my compliments now. She smiles and blushes rather than getting annoyed and telling me to be quiet. Perhaps going without them for a while, she now realizes how much she likes it when they are available. wink

Oh, and I have to thank a movie. The Dirty Truth. Mrs. Hold was watching with D13 yesterday. When I got home, they looked at me and said "here he is". I asked "who?" Mrs. Hold explained that Katherine Heigl's character had been listing all the qualities she was looking for in a man. Intelligent. Nice guy. Has a good job. Handsome but doesn't know it. D13 said "Dad, that is you!" Mrs. Hold smiled and allowed me to give her a hug.

Maybe God is giving me some peace at home to make up for the mess at work. I need to choose to be appreciative.

When you can see it coming, duck!