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The wierd thing to me, given how bad I have been at accepting compliments, is the change I have noticed in her. She accepts my compliments now. She smiles and blushes rather than getting annoyed and telling me to be quiet. Perhaps going without them for a while, she now realizes how much she likes it when they are available. wink

Or maybe before, she was embarrassed because she didn't think they could possibly be true, but now that she has lost some weight her self-esteem has improved, so she doesn't think you are just lying to her?

I know if I was feeling ugly and someone told me I was beautiful, I'd feel bad because I'd think they were just lying.

Oh, and I have to thank a movie. The Dirty Truth. Mrs. Hold was watching with D13 yesterday. When I got home, they looked at me and said "here he is". I asked "who?" Mrs. Hold explained that Katherine Heigl's character had been listing all the qualities she was looking for in a man. Intelligent. Nice guy. Has a good job. Handsome but doesn't know it. D13 said "Dad, that is you!" Mrs. Hold smiled and allowed me to give her a hug.


One day, the title of this thread is gonna REALLY come true: You're gonna wake up and realize you and Mrs. Hold are on the same team.

Maybe God is giving me some peace at home to make up for the mess at work. I need to choose to be appreciative.

I double-dog dare you to name three things each day that you are thankful for.

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(Why is DS7b now a blockhead???)
(Ack! Now he's not even a blockhead, just a word! That's no fun!)