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This morning Mrs. Hold entered the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. I said "woo hoo alert". She started getting undressed. So I said "see, I told you it was 'woo hoo' time. My woo hoo radar is infallible!" She smiled.

In the past, she would frown and complain about my immaturity if I gave her a "woo hoo" when she got naked. Now she seems to enjoy it.

LA is always telling me to allow for the possibility that Mrs. Hold might change. And to notice when she does. So today, I noticed. smile


I believe like the others that alot of what Mrs. Hold has been doing has been more of how she feels about herself. And it was actually her rejecting herself and her desirability than about rejecting you Hold.

Enjoy these wonderful steps she is taking towards you and there maybe some setbacks. Try not to take those personally or as a rejection of you.

I truly hope you give her a chance. Sometimes it takes a long while for us to wake up to this stuff. And we do tend to make it diffficult.

I truly hope this takes out some of the sting that is happening at work.

Not all is lost Hold, you and your wife have made my day.