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I believe like the others that alot of what Mrs. Hold has been doing has been more of how she feels about herself. And it was actually her rejecting herself and her desirability than about rejecting you Hold.

Nah. She turned down the compliments back before she gained weight.

More like what you said about not seeing them as sincere. Back when she was young, she got compliments and wolf whistles all day. So she disliked getting them from me. Because it made her feel like I was like just like all the other guys. Only after her for her body. Which wasn't totally wrong. I was (and am) after her for her body. The difference is, I am also after her for other things.

For a while she didn't get as many compliments on her looks. Especially after I stopped giving them. Now I think she appreciates the compliments more. Because she sees that I am sincere. That she is beautiful in my eyes no matter how she looks.

"You look hot" was always my way of saying "I love you". For a long tme, it wasn't a very effective way to communicate that message. But lately, she seems to feel loved when she hears it. Which is good news for both of us.

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