I remember not accepting compliments...it was passed down to me from my mother, who believed to reject compliments was to be modest.

It isn't, wasn't. Compliments is another person sharing their stuff with you...it's about them. So rejecting them rejects the person.

Huge thing to stop doing that...to accept, receive...doesn't mean you believe what they do, see what they do...means you accept someone else.

Another part of the persistent rejection you lived in, Hold. You weren't crazy. And she was rejecting herself and it hurt you.

And now she's stopping that. Carefully, slowly, truly.

Maybe you could do more woo hoo alerts...when you come home and she's made dinner...when you see her enter a room (dressed, even)...when she smiles at something you just said...or when she touches your shoulder or hugs you.

Even if you whisper it in her ear...then you could retrain your brain to love celebration of what is instead of rejection that was...

Slowly...over time.

And for the MB board...woo hoo!