ML, does that mean that your DH no longer eats Chinese food and you no longer eat Mexican? If so, wouldn't THAT be sacrifice?

I am not asking to be difficult. But I have seen a very simlar incomatiblity in my own marriage, which was there BEFORE we married. I just never realized it would be such a big deal to me.

My spouse is terrified of flying in an airplane. I was an avid world traveler before marriage and was very much looking forward to doing my world travelling WITH someone for a change. Unfortunately that is not an option with the POJA. We have the means to do other things, like Atlantic Cruises, or trips within the contintental US via driving/train, and I can enthusaistically agree to do these things. But going to London together will never happen. And it seems incompatible with MB for me to go to Europe on my own.

I actually DID think about this before we married, but I thought it would be selfish and superficial of me to break the engagement because of something like a fear of flying. (I know now that thinking is flawed.) ha We have even tried flying before, and trust me when I say there is no way my spouse would enthusiastically agree to it again.

Can you gameplay a solution to this situation?