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If you are willing to sacrifice your needs for the relationship, you are not functioning with a Buyer's agreement..

This is an interesting concept.

Many of the other folks online seem to be advocating some sort of mix between meeting what MB defines as the key Emotional Needs and surpressing some of your desires so your spouse will be pleased and stay with you....and it will be more likely they will be motivated to do what you want / meet your needs.

For example, the Light His Fire series by Dr Ellen has some free samples which I listened to a few weeks ago before I found MB. For women, it was like "If you make him feel like a man when he's with you, there's nothing he wont do for you." I guess that intuitively it may make sense, but it seems very one-sided to me.

Anything with a title like "light His Fire" or "Light Her Fre" makes me want to puke.

Not only that, but something with a title like that is a HUGE turnoff to someone who feels that their spouse is the "enemy" because of withdrawl (on either side). MB is the first program I have run into that treates "the marriage" as a separate entity which is worthy of protection and care, even if we don't "like" our spouse for justifiable reason.