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ML, does that mean that your DH no longer eats Chinese food and you no longer eat Mexican? If so, wouldn't THAT be sacrifice?

It would be a sacrifice in the sense that quitting smoking was a sacrifice for me, but I was rewarded with a BETTER REPLACEMENT. In my marriage, the better replacement is a list of restaurants that makes us BOTH happy. Even though I LOVE mexican food, I love my H more and appreciate having great dinners with him in places I know he is happy.

I am not asking to be difficult. But I have seen a very simlar incomatiblity in my own marriage, which was there BEFORE we married. I just never realized it would be such a big deal to me.

Even though you were incompatible before marriage, you can learn it afterwards. We were probably very incompatible too, but we had to learn compatibility.

We have the means to do other things, like Atlantic Cruises, or trips within the contintental US via driving/train, and I can enthusaistically agree to do these things. But going to London together will never happen. And it seems incompatible with MB for me to go to Europe on my own.
Can you gameplay a solution to this situation?

The solution would be to find another way to go to London [by ship] or to find another destination about which you are both enthusiastic.

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