I am not teasing. Being with my spouse is what I enjoy the most and he with me. However my problem is not what we eat but the fact that my h does not really like to go to (as I call them) �sit down restaurants�. He has lunch with me all the time and we sit down to eat but it is usually only fast food type things such as delis or things like that which are not really �sit down�.

He does not really like to go at dinner time although he will occasionally. And I am not close enough to any of my co-workers to go out to lunch with them (about 3 years ago my whole department of 24 people that I had worked with for 8 years was downsized to just me and then I was joined in my location by a department that already existed with co-worker bonds already formed). So I either have lunch with my h or I eat by myself and I do not really want to go to a �sit down restaurant� by myself.

Neither of us hangs out with anyone outside of work except each other so I would not have an opportunity to go with someone other than my children after work (which I have done) but I should not go without my h and I really do not enjoy myself if he is not there