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I have to ask: are you saying that you DON'T like to do the right thing? I would have to say then, that THAT is the problem...wanting what you want when you want it, even when you know it's wrong. Stuff that's bad for us has immediate gratification and long-term consequences. Stuff that's good for us (or 'right') has immediate consequences, but long-term gratification.

I'm only human smile

I strive to do the "right thing." Sometimes my self-will or worse, self-righteousness, gets in the way. The good thing is that I catch myself a lot faster and apolgize rather than let it fester. And sometimes I even catch myself BEFORE I make a mistake. Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is no healthier than doing the wrong thing. As you point out, that's not the POJA, it's sacrificial martyrdom, doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

POJA requires BOTH parties to participate. That's a problem at my house.