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It is the same with any other behavior that harms the love in your marriage, it should be EXCHANGED for behavior that does not harm the marriage.

Some behaviors may not be "BAD" on their own, such as eating Mexican food, but it only becomes bad when I try to force my spouse to "compromise" by doing something he hates. A better solution is to find a new restaurant that we BOTH LOVE.

Which IMHO is sacrifice.......

And in my case it is not a place that we both love to eat, my h does not like to go out to sit down restaurants period, yet he occasionally will "sacrifice" and go with me because he knows it is something that "I" like even though i do not ask him to "sacrifice", i have told him i can just go with the kids. He WANTS to go with me and do something that i enjoy doing even though it is not his cup of tea so to speak.