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Which IMHO is sacrifice.......

But wouldn't it be a sacrifice if I continued smoking, because I was sacrificing my health? That is what the real sacrifice was. When I gave up cigarettes, I GAINED good health. When I smoked I SACRIFICED my health.

It is the same with lovebusting behavior. When you practice lovebusters, you are SACRIFICING the compatibility and happiness in your marriage.

And in my case it is not a place that we both love to eat, my h does not like to go out to sit down restaurants period, yet he occasionally will "sacrifice" and go with me because he knows it is something that "I" like even though i do not ask him to "sacrifice",

Which is exactly how incompatibility is built. Making your husband do something you like, at HIS EXPENSE is how unhappiness and incompatibility is bred into marriages. I can get my husband to go eat Mexican any day of the week, but the result is that he is UNHAPPY at my expense. And that is what the POJA seeks to prevent. It is bad for marriages, StillCrazy.

Has this practice resulted in a happy marriage for you? How would you define the state of your marriage?

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