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It's the mindset, SC. It's the belief that to be compatible means that your spouse likes what you like, instead of believing the real definition of compatibility which is that you like the same things, or at least enough of the same things to have an enjoyable life together.

So long as one (or both) spouse focuses on the things they can't do, there will be incompatibility.

I do not believe me and my h are incompatible. My only issue with my h is that he does not see anything wrong with being friends with members of the opposite sex the same as the majority of posters on this board. That is my only reason for not working on recovering my marriage with my H right now at this time and place.

I do not have a negative mindset about "sacrifice", it is MB that has a negative mindset about sacrifice. I think sacrifice is a GOOD thing.

I just do not understand the concept of "not doing anything that causes my spouse unhappiness" AND "sacrifice is a bad thing", i do not think it is possible to do one without the other. And it really confuses me when it said over and over again. And i am sure it confuses others as well because like i said IMHO it is not possible to one without the other......