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And IMHO i think you "sacrifice" in your marriage on a daily basis as well by your description because i do not think it is possible to do one without the other.

This is a "compatible marriage," SC? crazy Here is what you wrote last November before you moved to the Divorce forum, after years of coming here talking about your incompatible, unhappy marriage:

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We have decided to quit working on the marriage and go our separate ways. However because of a lot of things it is easier to stay in the same house until we have to move out.

I have moved into our ODD old room and we are living separately under the same roof as of this past weekend.

He refuses to leave and so do i so there is not going to be a change in that regards. What is the best way to handle living under the same roof?

It's one thing to disagree with a tried and true concept that really works, but when your own method doesn�t even work for you, that should be pointed out. Your method has not worked for you, SC.

Read my other post Mel......