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I am not tolerating same sex friendships.....

That is why i am currently not working on recovering my marriage.....

Still doesn't change anything about my opinion to posters when it comes to "sacrifice".

And i do not feel "sacrificail" as you put it, i do not feel BAD about sacrificing one little bit and i think it is a MUST in any marriage......
OK ....

"sacrifice" aside, for a moment.

Look at the other parts of the Renter/Buyer side-by-side comparison.
Are there other parts of this that you fundamentally disagree with (besides the sacrifice) ?

Renters believe Our relationship is temporary. You may be right for me today and wrong for me tomorrow.

Buyers believe We are together for life.

Renters believe Our relationship should be fair. What I get should balance what I give.

Buyers believe We both contribute whatever it takes to make our relationship successful.

Renters believe As needs change, the relationship may end if needs are difficult to meet.

Buyers believe As needs change, we will make adjustments to meet new needs.

Renters believe Criticism may prompt me to change if it's worthwhile for me to do so.

Buyers believe Criticism indicates a need for change.

Renters believe Sacrifice is reasonable as long as it's fair.

Buyers believe Sacrifice is dangerous and to be avoided.

Renters believe Short-term fixes are fine.

Buyers believe long-term solutions are necessary.

Me personally, I do not like labels at all.......

I do not believe people all fit into little categories and that there is too much outside influences on all of us to be labeled as anything.....

You can have parts in one thing and parts from another but more in one than the other so where does that leave you.....

By looking at your list i believe that my h and i both are more BUYERS than anything but as i said i am sure we have some traits that fall under RENTER as well, and IMHO as do all of us..........