For me, the harder part of the process (Renter to Buyer) was this ...

Renters believe Our relationship should be fair. What I get should balance what I give.

Buyers believe We both contribute whatever it takes to make our relationship successful.

I was very much focused on "fairness" or "justice" ...
It took me a long time to change this part, for myself.
This required an attitude adjustment. (mine)

And, I think this is very important point to make in the flow of this thread/conversation.


For each of us who is actually using Harley principles to improve our marriage we must require an attitude adjustment
in ourselves !

I very much see this as a process.
And, the process, is a winning formula.

The Renter to Buyer is a development.
It is a growing process.
It requires us to think new ways.

Not often easy.

Harder for some people than others.

I can say, I can usually tell who is going to be the more successful at this, the MBers who mostly write about their own behaviors vs the MBers who mostly write about their spouses behaviors.(making a generalization not a judgment)