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Being a Renter is not a bad thing.
But, both spouses becoming Buyers (eventually) is a way better Marriage.

According to Harley

most happily married couples have worked their way up from Freeloaders to Renters and finally to Buyers.

He says the problem arises when partners do not eventually become Buyers.

Ok ... back to the reason I began this thread.
To discuss and learn (together) how to apply Harley fundamentals to our marriages ....

This is a process, the way I understand it.
It's not a one time decision, but a daily process.

I have not read, and I am asking if anyone else has read, where Dr Harley discusses a time line where the majority of marriages (working MB) process from Renter to Buyer.

Anyone? What has been your experience (personally) of processing from Renter to Buyer .... Fast? Slow? Back and forth?

I know for a fact, that our M processed from Renter to Buyer at a rather "relaxed" grin pace, as a result of reading/application of Marriage Builder materials.