sacrificing in M = a renter, I'd never thought that way, prolly thought the opposite actually ...... sacrificing = in for the long haul = buyer. crazy

Since I consider myself the Queen of Resentment, I see now how my sacrificing damaged my M.
It prevented me from RH, cuz I thought that would damage my M.
By not being RH, I stewed, I DJ'd, SD and AO'd and became very bitter and resentful. Ooooh, I sound like an awful person don't I, but really I'm not, lol, just being honest.

So, in this state of resentment, I can look back and see how I also became super sensitive to some of my H's actions and decisions in other areas of our M, when in fact I should have been more understanding of his needs.
I got to the point that I would think 'hey, you owe me, why can't you just do this or that for me, or stop doing this or that!'

I don't have it all figured out yet, but I didn't ever see that my sacrificing, no matter what the level of it, was affecting my attitude towards my H.

Like a 'silent killer' you know.

M'd 22 years
D-Day 08/08 LTA