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"Marriage means that each spouse is commited to make a GREATER effort to care for each other than they were making BEFORE marriage, a GREATER effort to meet each other's intimate needs."

Speaking from my personal experience, THIS particular fundamental was a revelation for me !!!

I had become lazy in my M.
I am ashamed to say .... blush My internal dialogue went something like this:

"Now that we are married, you must love me no matter how I treat you."

I have a great sotry about that Pep. It's about my parents, and it gets retold every thime we sit in the darn dining rooom for a family meal.

Before they got married my mom made wonderful candlelight dinners for my dad. After they were married and he moved into the apartment, at their first dinner after the honeymoon, my dad said, "So, can we turn the lights on to eat now?"

No joke. That story sadly formed the foundation of what I had always believed about marriage. Sad but tru. But, beliefs can change smile