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Guys tend to see that as whipped.

That is exactly what I figured your husband would say. Some guys would be OK with saying "I would love to loan out the truck, but I gotta check with the wife first." Gives them someone else to blame. Other guys would feel "whipped" and would rather have body parts removed than admit they need the wife's permission for anything.

I kinda like the following dialogue for guys who fear being labeled as whipped.

Friend: Can I borrow your truck this weekend?
Hubby: Sure, I just gotta check with the wife.
Friend: You need to check with the wife?
Hubby: Sure, keeps us bonded.
Friend: Man, you are whipped!
Hubby: At least I get to play with the kitty.
Friend: So do I, and I don't need the wife's permission for anything.
Hubby: That's not what she told me when I was over your house last week. shocked

Might start a fight. But hubby won't come out of it looking whipped! wink

Whupped maybe, but not whipped. (hmm, where is the rim shot smiley?)

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