A tale of two cars.

1981 we were married.
Right after we married, we bought a little sports car, together.
A cute red Datsun roadster. Used. VERY used. But, it was a jointly made decision, albeit probably a mistake. smile
It was OUR mistake.

One day, while I was asleep (I worked a hospital graveyard shift), DH traded in our joint decision Red Datsun roadster, and purchased what came to be known as "the divorce car".

My DH had learned this independent behavior from his father. His Dad went with DH to make this car purchase while I slept.
DH's Dad encouraged my DH to buy a car while I slept.
I will never forget that day.
I woke up, DH says to me:
(all smiles)

"Go outside, smile I have a surprise for you."

It was a boring little silver Toyota Tercel.
Where the HELL was my snappy red Datsun roadster??
Imagine DH's disappointment when I was aghast and angry about his "surprise".

I hated that Tercel.
Not just because it was a gutless wonder.
Not just because it was silver, not RED.
Not just because it was going to be 4 years of making payments for a car I did not like.

I hated that 'effin Tercel because it represented (to me) my DH's independent behavior.

(end part one .... stay tuned)