A tale of two cars.
(Part deux)

2009 I bought DH another car.
I bought DH an unnecessary car.
We already had 2 cars. (his and hers)
For a long time, DH had been thirsting for an impractical & unnecessary car.
A Mini Cooper turbo.

I was presented with an opportunity to purchase a slightly (and I do mean slightly) used, top of the line Mini, for a VERY reasonable price.
DH and I talked it over.
Yes, he still really wanted one, although it is impractical.
And, I bought DH the car.

It is our "I love you" car.

This AM, I overheard DH talking on the phone to a friend.
The friend had asked DH about how he came to own the Mini.

DH said:

"I never thought anyone would love me so much they would buy me the car of my dreams. But that's what happened. My wife bought me that car because she loves me so much."

I walked by as he was saying this, and I stickout stuck my tongue out at DH.

This is what I want to say to all of you on Marriage Builders 101.

We overcame our difficulties because we made changes in ourselves.
Marriage Builders really works.
We not only recovered a better marriage after DH's adultery, we are in love.

Yes, we are.

Our marriage is not just limping along, damaged after infidelity.
Our marriage is a smart, cute, fast Mini Cooper, blazing around with two 60 year old lovers inside, gazing at each other with gratitude, affection, and a deeper love than we had ever hoped.

We built this love.
It did not just happen.
We did this.

The process works!