I just wanted to pop in and say thank you all so much for your very helpful and informative discussions. I am really learning a lot.

Just the other day I got upset with my fiance when I found out he had purchased tickets for him, me, and two women (in a romantic, lesbian relationship that I have met once briefly) at work. I had never heard of the band before but apparently one of the co-workers he bought the tickets for introduced him to the band so he felt it was the gentlemanly/nice thing to do to buy them tickets to the concert. I wondered if I was being petty about this, after all, my negative feelings about it can't be about them being women because they are not heterosexual and therefore not interested in my fiance (at least as far as I know) - plus he included me. However, this was independent behavior which he engages in often and from you all I see that I am not crazy for being upset about that. Thank you!