Hold, LA recommended to me Between Parent and Child by Hiam Ginott. A parenting book, but it has also helped me with my self talk and relating to grownups. The idea is, instead of telling your kid, "you did great on that test," to say, "I feel so good about how hard you worked. How did you feel about your test?" The idea is that instead of telling kids how to feel about themselves, objectifying them, making them extensions of ourselves, to change that dynamic to a dialogue. What do you think about trying something like this?

Okay, I'm feeling really awkward all of a sudden about hitting Submit here. I know retread was asked not to push another book, that this board is about the MB Concepts. If talking about these ideas I read in another book is offensive to anyone, I apologize in advance.

Me 40, OD 18 and YD 13
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